The Following Applies to Hamilton Township Municipal Utilities Authority Customers Only

What are your office hours?
Our Administrative Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:15 am to 4:15 pm.

How often will I receive a bill?
The HTMUA issues bills monthly. Each billing reflects the current month’s base charges and the prior month’s excess usage.

Can I receive my monthly invoice electronically via email?
Yes. If you chose this option you will no longer receive a paper copy. The HTMUA requests that you complete the E-Billing Authorization Form and return it to us.

What are my payment options?
Payment can be made as follows:

• Mail or deliver your payment to our Administrative Office located at 6101 Thirteenth Street, Mays Landing NJ 08330. Payments can be placed in the drop box located inside the main doorway after close of business.

• Make your payment online through our website (E-Check and Credit Card Payments). Please note that the vendor providing that service (Point and Pay)charges a convenience fee based on the amount of the payment.

Do you offer a senior discount?
The HTMUA does not currently offer a senior citizens discount.

I live in a different location a few months out of the year; can you send my bills there?
Yes, we can add a different “bill to” address so your bills go directly to where you are staying. The HTMUA requests that you complete a change of information request form. Just remember to request the “bill to” address be updated when you return.

I own a property that I will be renting out, what do I do?
The HTMUA requires that all billings for residential accounts remain in the owner’s name as the owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the water and sewer charges.

I am buying/selling a home in Mays Landing. What do I need to do?
Approximately three days prior to the scheduled settlement date the agent or the title company must complete a Final Read Request Form to schedule a settlement reading. The reading will be taken prior to the settlement and final figures will be calculated and provided to the title company. The title company will split water and sewer charges between buyer and seller and collect them during settlement. A check will be sent to the HTMUA and at that time the name changes will be made to the account. Water is not turned on/off during the settlement process nor is the account closed.

Is there fluoride in the water?
No, the HTMUA does not fluoridate the water

Where do I call for a mark out of water and sewer utilities?
All requests for utility mark outs are coordinated through NJ One Call (800) 272-1000

What Services Do You Provide?
• The HTMUA provides water distribution and waste water collection services.

• Trash Collection is provided by the Township of Hamilton Public Works Department. They can be reached at (609) 625-6311
• Recycling services are provided by Atlantic County Utilities Authority. They can be reached at
(609) 272-6950


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