HTMUA Asset Management System Database Dictionary


Welcome to the Hamilton Township Municipal Utilities Authority (HTMUA) Asset Management System Database Dictionary. The Database Dictionary defines the structure and content of the layers and data tables representing water and sewer utilities at the HTMUA. The following information will provide a comprehensive guide to the HTMUA Asset Management System database structure, layout, and format. Data is stored using Environmental System Research Institute's (ESRI) Arc/Info Geo Database format.


It is assumed readers of this document are familiar with GIS terminology - specifically ESRI GIS terms - and data management concepts. No attempt is made to define basic GIS terms and concepts. However, readers unfamiliar with GIS terminology may still use this document to review the attributes and codes to be used in the HTMUA GIS database.   The document does not specify the methods by which the utility layers are to be developed or maintained.


This GIS Database Dictionary has been prepared by Raghu Pandurangan, Asset Project Manager, Hamilton Township MUA.   All comments and questions should be direct to Raghu, Asset Project Manager, at , (609) 625-1872, or Stephen R. Blankenship, Executive Director, at, (609) 625-1872.



Note:    Additional changes to the HTMUA’s database dictionary may be implemented at any time.



Potable Water

Sanitary Sewer

CAD Standard